Catch Woodbury Soccer Fever!

The Woodbury Soccer Club Executive Committee meets the second Tuesday of each month. Please contact Dave Floyd at woodburysoccerclub@gmail.comfor further information.


The Woodbury Soccer Club Officers Are:

  • President, Dave Floyd, 856-853-9439               
  • Vice President: Pat LaCroix
  • Vice President: Rob Fiore
  • Micro/Mini Coordinators:
  • Spring Rec Coordinator:
  • Secretary: Ann Kelly
  • Treasurer: Bill Schollenberger
  • SJSL Representative:
  • SJGSL Representatives:
  • Uniform Coordinator:
  • Equipment Manager
  • Snack Bar: Amy Bulter
  • Coaches Coordinator: Scott Magillger
  • Kitchen Coordinator - TBD
  • City of Woodbury Parks Commissioner,
  • Sponsorship Coordinator:
  • Fundraising Coordinator:
  • Safety Coordinator:
  • Website Coordinator: Shawn Selby








For more information on the Woodbury Soccer Club, please contact

Dave Floyd, President

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